Helping insects convert
food waste into protein
for pets and their humans

We develop a unique set of recipes from local organic ingredients to feed insects with food waste. Instead of rotting at dumps, it gets reprocessed to offer a new nutritional value.
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Rich in high-quality protein and fats, insects grow up to 100 times faster compared to traditional animal protein and fat sources. Black Soldier Fly (BSF) reproduces fast, spreads no infections and eats nearly everything.
Insect farming
Vietnam offers a perfect location thanks to its
Warm climate
Outside temperature does not fluctuate, which reduces OPEX significantly
Local year-round farming generates abundant food waste
The nearby Saigon port allows uninterrupted global shipping
Animal protein constitutes an essential building block for organs and immune systems of both animals and humans.
Alas, the list of protein-rich products is limited to meat, fish, eggs, nuts and soybeans
How FlyFeed makes the world a better-fed place. Existing food industry fails to meet humanity’s need for protein
While the population is growing to hit the 8.5 billion mark in 2030, food production depletes natural resources, gets more costly and unavailable for many. In the world where some die from overeating, others do not get a tenth of needed nutrients including protein.
1BN people globally do not get a recommended amount of protein
300M kids cannot grow due to malnutrition
500M kids are at risk of physical and mental disorders due to malnutrition
Insect farming does the opposite: BSF adds new nutritional value to the global food chain by recycling waste that cannot be used for any other protein production.
Traditional farming is based on feeding animals with prepared feed for years to produce just a few kilos of meat. Those perfectly fine ingredients could be used in human food production to feed millions of people.
Soil and water overuse, pollution, overfishing, and deforestation are the flesh and blood of traditional agriculture industries. As a result, crucial ecosystems are getting depleted faster than they can recover.

Animal protein is the most expensive macronutrient. A kilo of protein derived from higher-quality sources such as fish and nuts goes at a price of 25$, whereas for the cheapest one – from chicken broilers – one pays 4$ per 1 kg of protein.
Insect farming does no harm to nature, simple as that. Using very little space, it transforms existing environmental resources to produce new nutritional ones.
Meet the new king of the market! Being just as good as other animal sources, 1 kg of FlyFeed BSF protein costs less than 2$.

Brand new nutritional value
Here comes the good news: BSF is here to help! We believe insect farming provides a sustainable solution to global protein shortage
Our customized SCADA system ensures that every parameter ranging from humidity to CO2 rate is carefully monitored to allow immediate adjustment to enhance performance.
FlyFeed makes novel technologies serve the world’s needs.
Vertical farming
BSF rearing takes place in compact crates stacked
in vertical layers.
This technology reduces area usage up to 100 times compared to soybean or livestock farming.
Insect farming is still dominated by manual labor. We are committed to automating all operations that require enduring focus and physical exertion
to protect our team
and guarantee
the  quality of products.
given moment we apply most efficient solutions to make controlled-environment agriculture
a reality.
Our approach ensures that at every
Dr. Nathalie Berezina
FlyFeed CTO
Ex-CTO/CSO at Ynsect
PhD in Organic chemistry and Biotech
Arseniy Olkhovskiy
FlyFeed CEO & Founder
Industrial insect farming is indeed a revolutionary chapter in global agriculture, which is about to reshape the whole food and feed industry. What sets FlyFeed apart is the effort to develop a universally affordable and still sustainable technology to feed millions.
At FlyFeed, we seek to put the latest scientific findings at the service of global needs, namely malnutrition and protein deficiency. By 2026, we will be producing cheapest insect protein for animal feeds at 
10 factories globally and in 2027 full-on human food production will be launched.
to join and contribute to solving world's acute problems
Feel free to ask any questions. We will be happy to share more about our mission and products